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Millions of people suffer from flatulence as a result of a medical condition or diet.  Like many others,  you may be concerned about taking more medication.  The Flatulence Filter seat cushion is a non chemical, external solution to the problem.    It is a  super-activated carbon/foam filter system concealed in a simple chair cushion.  It absorbs the odors immediately!

Our seat cushion has been tested by a team of scientists as reported on by Reuters.  Also featured in Nutrition Action Newsletter, April 2003 cover story.  

The cushion  is 15" x 17" x 1" thick.   The  air treatment system consists of  an activated charcoal air filter.  It is then  enclosed in a gray tweed fabric cover.  As you can see in the photos, it looks like any normal seat cushion.   For those of you who travel, add a carrying handle to make transporting it easier than ever.  The cushion does fit in an airplane seat.  

The Flatulence Filter Seat Cushion  is guaranteed to absorb the flatulence odor.  This same filtration technology purified the air breathed by the astronauts in the Space Shuttle program, and was used in the soldiers gas masks during the Gulf War. 

We also have available the Flatulence Filter Pad.


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  Favorably reviewed in:

 Business Week, American Family Physician Journal, Reuters News Service, Prevention Magazine and hundreds of Newspapers across the United States, Canada and Europe


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