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 "Because I am a young woman in her late 20's most folks are surprised to hear how IBS symptoms of gas affect my career and the choices I make to socialize.  Since securing your product I experience the same freedom that women must have felt at the commercially available introduction of the tampon or discreet maxipads". (ML, Kentucky)

      "I ordered one and it is a life saver! After my operation, I thought I would never be able to be close to people again. Sharing motel rooms was so embarrassing. I sleep on mine and now I can sleep instead of staying in a stage of alertness to keep from gassing my husband. It has been physically exhausting. Thank you for giving my life back"  (Judy, CA)

     Barbara from Minnesota told us that she used hers on a 9-hour flight to Europe. "Boy was life more pleasant for the passengers." Because of the severity of her bowel problems, she even participated in a national medical research study on intestinal gas in Minneapolis. (The Flatulence Filter™  was being used by the research doctors) She still suffers with gas but no one has to suffer from the side effects.

     Norma in Illinois wrote: "I want to tell you that your product is much needed.  I am a victim of surgery where most of my intestines were removed. Thousands of people need such a product."

     "My husband has been using the ‘Flatulence Filter’ for approximately a year. It has worked very well for him, especially since he has both Crohns Disease and short bowel syndrome, both will create gastro-intestinal odors." (Kay in Illinois)

         "I recommend your cushion to all my friends.  I couldn’t believe how well it works.  I had to order a replacement and I was amazed how fast it arrived.  Keep up the good work." (Jack in WA)

       Arthur (California) uses his when he flies cross-country.   He suffers from complications as a result of  IBS. The Flatulence Filter seat cushion saves the other passengers a "whole lot of heartache." 

     The Puget Sound Kidney Center in Washington State orders Flatulence Filters™ for some of their patients when they come in for dialysis. Many times their disease causes problems in their intestinal tract. The problem became so unbearable that many of the nurses complained about working in the dialysis room. Now it’s OK.

Grand Rapids Press: Flatulence Filter gets the job done.

Tom Rademacher a columnist for the Grand Rapids Michigan Press wrote a half page article about the Flatulence Filter™ Seat Cushion. He said: "My personal testimony shows Flatulence Filter™ will get the job done . . . Foes and friends alike will appreciate it."

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