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American Family Physician Journal

"The Flatulence Filter™ . . . . may rescue people from the embarrassment of passing gas around others. . . . looks like a regular chair cushion, but it instantly absorbs the odor of intestinal gas."

Doctors nationwide are recommending the Flatulence Filter™ to patients and the families who suffer from serious intestinal gas.

The Reuters News Service reported a story recently concerning an unsolicited, independent study conducted by a group of U.S. research doctors in Minnesota, studying the causes of flatulence odor. The research was chronicled in ‘Gut Journal’ published by the British Medical Association.

"A polyurethane foam cushion coated with activated charcoal can help people who suffer from flatulence. The device, known as the ‘Flatulence Filter™’ eliminated over 90% of the odor generated by study volunteers..."

The Flatulence Filter™ worked so well, the researchers used the cushion in their study to isolate specifically what chemical elements in human flatulence causes the odor.

Everyone suffers with flatulence occasionally. Sometimes it is caused by diet other times by disease or an aging digestive tract. In fact, past studies show that the average person has 13.6 episodes a day.

So you see, it’s perfectly normal.  That’s where the Flatulence Filter™ saves the day.  

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