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Family and business concerns drive invention of the Flatulence Filter®

     Frank Lathrop developed Diabetes several years ago. A severe problem with  intestinal gas resulted.  In his case, this problem developed  as one of the side effects caused by the disease, the medicines he had to take, as well as the foods needed to control the disease.

     His wife, family and the ladies he worked with complained  about the odor caused by his problem. In fact, it got so bad that the women who worked in his office told him "either you build yourself a private office in the back side of the plant and stay there, or we will quit."

     But Frank couldn’t help that he had this problem. He tried pills and drops but nothing seemed to work. One day he decided there had to be a way to filter the odor he expelled. The result,  after almost two years of development: "The Flatulence Filter® Seat Cushion." The ladies in the office no longer had to spray air freshener.  The complaints ended.  Everyone was pleased.

     Frank discovered that others suffered from a similar problem due to illnesses, such as Diabetes, Crohns Disease, Colitis, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Lactose intolerance, bowel surgery, cancer, etc. He also found that certain foods people eat can cause this problem. For those who suffer with flatulence,  we realize you can't predict when it will happen and there is nothing that stops the problem once it is started.  UltraTech Products Inc. is proud to bring you Frank’s Flatulence Filter®.  Now you no longer have to worry about taking too many prescription or over-the-counter drugs.  The Flatulence filter is the only external, non chemical solution.

Why did we change the name from TooT Trapper® to the Flatulence Filter®? [Click Here]


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