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The Grand Rapids Michigan Press by Tom Rademacher
American Family Physician Journal - Quantum Sufficit
The Houston Post by Paul Harisim
The Miami Herald by Dave Barry
Dayton Daily News by Jim Bohman
Worcester, MA, Telegram & Gazette by James Dempsey
Chicago Tribune
St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Elaine Viets
Business Week magazine
New Age Journal by Jean Callahan
Regis & Kathie Lee Show


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Regis and Kathy Lee had great fun talking about the Flatulence Filter® on their show. Listen to what they had to say.
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Tom Rademacher

     My personal testimony shows TooT TrappeR™ will get the job done . . . Foes and friends alike will appreciate it.
     Something smelled fishy to me, too. Even after I’d read a press release. . . . So I ordered one, not because I have an overpowering need, mind you, but as a public service of sorts. And since doing so, I have two things to proclaim about the :TooT TrappeR™."
     One it’s no spoof.
     And two, the dang thing really works.  . . . vegetarians and others on a high-fiber diet will create a lot of gas, too.
     So will my wife’s white bean & chicken chili, which I wolfed down and then waited to see how it would fare in taking the whoopee out of the cushion.
     I ate. I sat. I waited. It came. I sawed. And the TooT TrappeR™ conquered.


American Family Physician:  Quantum Sufficit

>> The Flatulence Filter™, a chair cushion air filter, may rescue people from the embarrassment of passing gas around others. The cushion looks like a regular chair cushion, but it instantly absorbs the odor of intestinal gas. It contains an activated carbon air filter to absorb the odor. The air filter in the Flatulence Filter™ is designed to absorb odors for at least six to 12 months. The inventor of the devise is a man who was bothered by excessive intestinal gas related to diabetes, and his wife suggested that he invent something .


The Houston PostPaul Harisim

Inventor not one to toot own horn

You’re tempted to tell inventor Frank Lathrop he’s like a breath of fresh air.

He’s wonderfully humble about his many accomplishments, incredibly gracious as he answers questions that reflect a frightening ignorance of science — a man quite unlike so many boorish self-promoters found in the business world.

But you refrain from the compliment as you sit in his office because he’s so honest about the genesis of the Flatulence Filter™, a chair cushion he invented to hide (dare we say) flatulence problems.

At first blush you think he might be just another tasteless, money-hungry entrepreneur who’s only trying to make a quick buck.

But that’s not the case. . . .

Had he not come up with a way to absorb odor by disguising a carbon air filter as a chair cushion, he says he would have lost several employees and done irreparable harm to his marriage.


DAYTON DAILY NEWS,  Dayton, Ohio:   Jim Bohman

Beans, beans the musical fruit: Yes, flatulence can be a pain if you work in an office with people close by. But a Texas inventor has come to the rescue of folks afflicted with excessive gas. UltraTech Products Inc. of Houston is marketing the "Flatulence Filter™" . . . the attractive chair-cushion air filter puts an end to those embarrassing moments when nature quietly — or noisily — slips by.


Worcester, MA, Telegram & Gazette:  James Dempsey

    The mail brings me news of a company selling a cushion that takes away the smell of intestinal gas. Naturally, I call the company. I don’t believe this is for real, I say.
     Sure it is, they say. We’ll send you one. Which is how I come to be the proud owner of a Flatulence Filter™.
     It is a nondescript gray cushion that is reportedly packed with charcoal-impregnated foam. A kind of catalytic converter for your butt.


Business Week


     IT MAY NOT DO ANYTHING to help global warming, but it sure might help cut down on noxious emissions in the office. It’s the Flatulence Filter™ made and sold since 1995 by Houston-based UltraTech Products.

     . . . . scientists have independently validated its effectiveness. A resent issue of Gut, a journal of gastroenterology, . . . . noted that the cushion "effectively limits the escape of these sulfur-containing gases into the environment."


New Age Journal
Against The Wind:  By Jean Callahan

Flatulence itself is completely natural. According to Michael D. Levitt, M.D., a Minneapolis gastro-enterologist who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on flatu-lence, everyone suffers bouts occasionally. In fact, his studies show that the average person has 13.6 episodes a day.

Diet is the first thing to suspect. An aging digestive tract is another cause of flatulence. Chronic flatulence can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies or other disorders. . .

If all else fails, Levitt suggests a chair cushion called the Flatulence Filter™ that acts as a sort of reverse whoopee cushion. . . .

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