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The First Air Filter Disguised as a Seat Cushion



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Why did we change the name?


     Originally, Frank Lathrop named the cushion the TooT TrappeR®. At the time, it seemed like the perfect descriptive name. In time doctors heard about the cushion and began to inquire about it.. 

Although they were interested in such a product for their patients, whenever we mentioned the name  TooT TrappeR®, they would voice concerns.   They worried that some would think it was a joke.  They were also concerned that no one would take them seriously if they wrote TooT TrappeR® on the patient's prescription.  In all honesty, who could blame them?  Still a name was needed for this product that would prove to be functional for their patient's needs.

Because of this concern, we changed the name to the Flatulence Filter® Seat Cushion.  This resulted in a more clinical sounding name, less likely to be mistaken as a gag.

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